Friday, August 12, 2016

A Shabbat "picnic"

It's 96 degrees Fahrenheit (35.55 degrees Celsius) in New York City.  Instead of setting a timer for the hot tray, we're going to unplug it right before we light Shabbat/Sabbath candles, and eat our Shabbat dinner at whatever temperature it is after we've made kiddush and motzi.  Otherwise, the heat from the kitchen will be unbearable, even with the air conditioners going full blast.  And who needs to be hot just 24 hours before a 25-hour fast?  Besides, we were planning on eating a cold Seudah Shlishit anyway.

See When Tisha B'Av falls on Shabbat--yes, the fast gets moved to Sunday.

Have an easy fast.


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